What should I do about the way my boyfriend responded?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for 3 years now and he has always been a very direct guy (very blunt). Even before we went out he was blunt to other girls including me when we just knew each other. I use to not take anything he said personally back then, but now that we’re dating I get offended if he does. He’s gotten better at being more sensible with me because he admits he doesn’t want to hurt me, its just the way he is. Anyways, what happened was that we were at my beach house and we were having dinner inside (only both of us). He went to get a second round and as he was heading out to the kitchen, I told him he was eating too much. He responded with “who are you to say that to me?” I felt so offended. I’m super underweight as of now and he’s always trying to take care of me making sure I’m eating healthy, and then if I mention that he’s eating a lot he responds in such a rude manner? A while later I told him how it made me feel and he apologized, saying that he could’ve said it more nice. I forgave him because he came to his senses but the memory still lingers I guess. Should I love on from this?
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I meant “move on” from this, not “love on”

What should I do about the way my boyfriend responded?
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