Should I keep pursuing this guy?

I matched with this guy on Tinder two weeks ago. He told me he wanted a reason to delete Tinder, so I decided that maybe this guy would be a good person to go slow with. We haven’t had sex yet but we have kissed. He lives 1.5 hours away from me. He has come to my area twice & I went to his once. The second time we hung out, he took me on a dinner date & I thought it went well. He told me he finds it super attractive that I haven’t slept with him yet because a lot of girls he has “dated” do it so quickly. We text every day & he’s usually the one who initiates it. But I’m usually the one who initiates us hanging out. We made plans to hang out tonight & he seemed really excited about it by what he was texting me last night. We texted a little bit this morning about our evening plans & then at 12:30pm he told me he had to cancel because he got called into work. (He’s been furloughed due to COVID-19) He doesn’t know if it was a one time thing because they needed him for an event, or if he will start working again. He asked me if I wanted to get together with him tomorrow night in his area & he would plan something fun for us if he didn’t have to work again. I said “Work is important, no worries at all. I have plans tomorrow evening but hopefully we can get together soon.” (& I do actually have plans with a friend tomorrow, I didn’t make that up) He responded with “Work is important... but fulfillment is more important. 😔” & then mentioned that he would try and see if they give him a schedule & that he would relay the information to me if they do. I liked his message but never answered him because I was a little bummed and wasn’t sure what to say. I’ve been burned by guys a lot in the past and I’m trying to trust that he’s being honest and not just finding a way out of our date. I haven’t heard from him for the rest of the evening & I know he got out of work about an hour ago. If I don’t hear from him tomorrow at all, should I reach out? Or leave it alone at this point?
Should I keep pursuing this guy?
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