How should I approach my boyfriend talking to other girls?

My boyfriend (24) and I (24) have been dating for 8 months. Sometimes I deal with mild jealousy and if my jealousy is really being directed in the right way.

Example: he went to a guys friends house a few nights ago after work, he ended up ghosting our text conversation and the next day said he meant to text me when he got home but passed out, then he told me 2 other girls came over too.

One of these girls I feel like he has a semi crush on, she’s gorgeous. Idc if he pays her a compliment or anything like that. But he talked about how pretty she was a few times in the beginning of our relationship.

And after her bday she posted the pic of them together first out of all the photos she took that night. I brushed that off.

Then we were on a mini vacation and while I was brushing my teeth, he Comes to tell me that he hit this girl up, and asked her to make a logo for my brothers business... this was the first of me hearing of this... this also means that he was messaging her while we were together, even more freaking weird in my opinion.

Then this AM he says look at this picture (we will call her sally) sally sent me, it was a pic of their boss on his birthday. Really random I thought.

He also looks at her snaps a lot.

Alsoooo we had paint night and she forgot a tube of paint there, and it’s gone, but I don't know when he returned it back to her. I asked him if he gave her, her paint back today and he said he didn’t know or couldn’t remember...

What do you think and how would you approach this conversation.
How should I approach my boyfriend talking to other girls?
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