Guys, What do you think about being friendzoned?

I promote the friendzone. Friendzone is honesty. Friendzone is a healthy boundary. Yes, we might have been interested (or not, maybe we are just being nice and want to make a friend, or maybe we Just think you are cute), so we could be interest and then lose it for any thing that we just dont like. Life is like that you know? Friendzone is more hurtful, when you have invested in a girl before making sure she is into you as you are into her. It hurts more when you don’t have more options and focused on one girl before knowing if she feels the same. It hurts more when you are not ready for rejection so please guys, do yourself a favor, STOP investing on a girl that has not shown CLEAR and UNDENIABLE signs of interest in a relationship, because we also like guys just physically sometimes you know? We are not desperate ladies looking for a relationship with any guy that seems kind of interesting and we also have right to lose interest and change our minds.
She is a bitch, she made me create delusions
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I feel like she played with my feelings, she made me think she was interested.
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It hurts, but I suppose everyone can change their mind and decide they are not attracted enough
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I don’t feel so bad about it, I could be her friend, she is very cool and I have more options.
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She is not responsible for you creating delusions, she is not responsible for your feelings so stop acting like we prefer the bad boys. No, she is just not into you. Yes, there might be girls that prefer bad boys, but In my case, I have friendzoned a lot of guys and I dont like bad boys, these guys were just not my type, they were maybe too nice, like pleasing, or desperate for approval, sometimes trying to buy me with dinners and so. You cannot buy a girl with money,
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You cannot buy a gurl with attentions, this is not a interchange, if she does not like you, it does not mattee how much you invest i her, she is just not into you.
Guys, What do you think about being friendzoned?
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