Guys does this guy clearly just not give a shit about me anymore?

This guy I been dating for 2 years left me saying he needed to think of himself now all of a sudden, it's been 3 weeks now of him not caring to see me and barely talk I have to beg for a reply, and to make matters worse he stays right here by my house in house connected to mine with a roommate, and this roommate doesn't want him with me so has been keeping him from me taking full advantage taking him away every day and weekend so far , his friend treats me like shit too and my ex seems to be on his side, he chooses to rather go out with him than even come speak to me, i feel he values his friendship with this guy more than he does me, the guy even infront of me turned my ex against me and he chooses his side just cause he works with him and lives with him, now I am tosses aside while watching them together 💔 this guy effected our relationship for a long time and my ex knows it yet he still wants to be around him, my ex told me he won't be in our lives for much longer and made me think he cares then leaves me and spends all his time with him now💔. I have been such a good girlfriend I have been so loyal and I do everything for him, even the reason he lives here is cause of me, how can he say he truly loves me if he has been ditching me for 3 weeks now being with this guy, and he doesn't wanna come up to me cause he cares what this guy thinks, he only wants to be with me again once he gets his own place, how is that fair that just shows he is afraid to be with me now cause of this guy cause this guy questions him when he comes up to me and says shit, does he clearly not give a shit about me if he is choosing him over me and treating me like this? 💔
1 y
And this friend takes him out in the car to keep him from me I have seen him offer, he is going to keep him from getting back with me
Guys does this guy clearly just not give a shit about me anymore?
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