Do you think my guy friend likes me?


Just to give some background: we've been hanging out alone for a month now (recently became friends even though we've been classmates for 2 years now)

- once or twice if I ask to hangout and he's busy he'll offer a day that he is free. just recently though he didn't offer (today actually lol)
- usually I initiate the hang outs, he's only ever done so once (recently)
-he responds to my texts fast, but rarely initiates. sometimes keeps the convo up but not that much
-when we hang out, we hang for 6 or more hours. usually it's at a park and then he'll suggest to go to his place and watch a movie and eat dinner there
-seems flirty with me with the things he says. he also will touch me 2-3 times during our hangout (grabs arm, touches all up my arm and then compares hands and will put his hand on mine, etc.)
-i've caught him looking at me when he's behind me. like looking at my bare shoulder, or ankle, or even chest. but he looks right away when I turn around and see him looking.
-he seems VERY comfortable with me. shares info about his family to me, who he considers as his friends, who he dislikes, his hobbies, fav food, etc
-to be honest our hang outs really do feel like dates bc we just talk for 6 hours getting to know each other.

Sorry ya girl is just confused right now lol. I have no idea if he's interested in me or not... helppp
Do you think my guy friend likes me?
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