Why do I compare myself to other women?

So I met this guy recently and we aren’t dating nor even talking really.. we hooked up once, but we continue to talk here and there. He snapchats me everyday though which I don’t understand. But anyways, he is from this town in my state that is wealthy and literally has the most beautiful women. I don't know what’s in the water where he’s from but it’s like everyone is attractive. He’s very handsome so I didn’t understand how or why he was single. He always calls me hot or beautiful. But I see how many girls he has on Instagram and they are all hot and look like models.. I’m not even close to that. I don’t wanna put myself down but realistically that’s just the truth. I recently got a new job in his town but never thought I would see him. He snap chatted me before he came into my job the other night saying he wants to come by with his friend and have some drinks and said to make sure nobody flirts with me. I noticed he was there but it was super busy, and he didn’t approach me or try to get my attention, so the awkward side of me just acted as if he wasn’t there. I don't know if he was doing this too, or if he genuinely just didn’t wanna talk to me. I know he saw me. Anyways, he leaves and snaps me after but never mentions he saw me, never mentions he was there. Then on his Instagram I realized he followed one of my coworkers, the hostess at the restaurant, who is very pretty. Now I’m just sitting here thinking he got turned off by me in my not very attractive work uniform. Plus I worked all day so I didn’t look my best. Im second guessing myself now and if he just suddenly doesn’t find me attractive. And it makes me feel kinda sad that he somehow found my coworkers ig. They must’ve talked at the restaurant. How do I make him a little jealous and want me more instead of feeling bad about myself? This is so stupid but I just am scared I looked awful when he saw me.
Why do I compare myself to other women?
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