Guys- does he seem annoyed by me?

I started hooking up with this guy and the last time I saw him was the second time. We ended up having sex twice that night, he had a hangover headache so he asked me if I could give him a massage and I gave him like a 15 min massage lol then he couldn’t find his wallet so I ended up paying for our McDonalds lmao. He seemed like he enjoyed my company and we were just chilling on his bed listening to music and talking for most of the night. Then we he turned all the lights off to go to sleep he pulled me close to him to spoon me with his arms around me and kissed my neck in the cutest most romantic way. Then he started tracing my boobs with his fingertips and that eventually led to sex. But after we had sex he was just laying on his back not cuddling me or touching me at all and then we sort of just fell asleep. The next morning I was still in bed and he was like “oh I have a friend coming over soon” kinda implying I need to leave. I left and we said bye and kissed. I left my earrings at his place and texted him to tell him to keep them safe for me and he just said “got u on the earrings :)” and then I added him to close friends on Instagram stories and ever since he watched that one story I feel like he muted me because he used to be the first on to view them and now his name never shows up. Why do you think this is? I’m sad lol
Guys- does he seem annoyed by me?
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