Can someone please help me understand what he is trying to say?

I have a coworker that I’ve worked with for a few months now. We got really close and I developed a huge crush on him but we never did anything about it. Flash forward to now 5 months of working together, I’ve gotten different signals and don’t know where he is coming from, such as:
1) when I’m talking to someone at work, he’ll include himself and only look at me when he’s talking, but when he’s talking to someone he’ll speak quietly to where I don’t feel uncomfortable including myself.

2) when we’re in a group setting, he’ll laugh and joke with me about anything and everything, but when we’re alone he won’t say more than one word or even look at me half the time.

The second example started to make me upset so today I didn’t speak to him for the entire day. I know he picked up on it because at the end of the day we usually walk together and he tried to walk off without me. After I caught up with him, he surprisingly tried to make conversation and when we were riding the bus together he angled his body to be facing me. I looked up at one point and caught him staring at me and he quickly looked away, and when we were saying goodbye we made this intense eye contact that we hadn’t done before going our separate ways. I don’t know what to make of this because at first it seemed like he was upset by not waiting for me and then it felt like he had feelings for me by him staring at me and facing me most of the time. Situations like this have happened between us for a while now and I don’t know what I should take from this?
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1) I don’t feel comfortable including myself in the conversation, not uncomfortable
Can someone please help me understand what he is trying to say?
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