Why won’t he just leave her to come and be with me again?

I was with this guy that I knew cared about me and loved me and I felt/still feel the same way about him and so does he but I cheated on him more than once. I have been on and off with both him for the past year. We’re kind of toxic. We’re not officially back together but if something were to happen to me or if I needed him for something he’ll come running. We still have sex and he has a great relationship with my daughter but when we fight and argue we go overboard. Calling each other names etc but we always get right back tight/cool. We never stay upset at each other. He can’t resist me. He knows it. If I call and tell him to come over he does. He even has some girl he talks to and claims to be his girlfriend yet he always ditches her at night to sleep with me. He clearly doesn’t even like sleeping up under her like he does with me. I don’t get why he won’t just get back together with me for good. He’s not doing anything but leading her on because he knows where his heart really is.
Why won’t he just leave her to come and be with me again?
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