Is he interested in me or sees me as a friend?

Two months ago I met a guy online. We got along immediately I always felt a strong chemistry. We were messaging sometimes but at that time we used to have a crush on two different people. I realised that the guy I liked wasn't the one for me and the girl he was messaging with she kept declining on hanging out with him irl so he pretty much gave up even though he still messages with her but barely. And he even broke up with his latest girlfriend like 6 months ago, she's still mad about it so she's bitter on social sites and he feels bad about it. Anyway I started to have interest in him we started to call often We began with messaging every day since the evening til the morning, we flirt a lot he even asked me what I like in bed and he told me what he likes (we're not into hookups or anything). I even spent some time playing videogames with him and his friend, he wanted me there. We already had a discussion what we like about each other and we both agreed that we have strong chemistry and similar traits and he said that he cares about me. He asked me, if I am interested in someone at school etc. and I said no and stuff like that, and I asked him the same thing and he said that he sometimes messages with girls but mostly with me and that he wants to see where everything goes. Later on he asked me if I wanna hang out with him sometime, I agreed. We didn't plan it, we were just going around his city and talking and having a drink. He didn't kiss me or anything we just hugged twice and had a good time. At the end he locked his gaze at me for a long period of time when we were talking about something but I expected that he would make a move or something but nothing really happened. And now in chats after that we still flirt but he became more friendly than before the hang out or maybe I just read into it much. He even said that it's hard for him to find a girl that gets along with him and that he hopes that someone he could be interested in doesn't put him in a friendzone
Is he interested in me or sees me as a friend?
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