Said he would text tomorrow but never did?

I have been texting with this guy quite few times casually. He takes few days to reach out to me and always finishes off conversation with goodnight, we will speak again. Last night we videocalled and said he will have busy day tomorrow so the following night I texted him "would love to be there and massage you after a long day" (obviously we shared some moments). He responded talking tomorrow, just came back home and I will go to sleep. I replied have a good rest. He didn't text the following night, although he checked my story and has been online. What should I do? He also showed interest and expected me to text him about an important thing related with my work but I got busy and didn't find the time. Since its casual didn't want to seem like pressuring him into texting so I didn't update him about my promotion. Did he might perceived that as lack of interest? I really like him and would love to restate interest. Is it possible or he is not even expecting me to do so? Obviously I cannot text him again as he said he would follow up and didn't as this will over whelm him.
Said he would text tomorrow but never did?
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