Wouldn't it be weird to talk to him?

3 years a guy from my school had crash on me, and I liked him very much too but I was younger then and I was very shy. I was only a year in that class. But one year after I left the class we were seeing each other in a bus because we were commuting to the same town to school. It lasted 2 years and when I saw him for the first time in the bus, my heart started to beat faster. I didn't have a courage to talk to him. I had issues with my self-esteem and I thought I wasn't good enough for him. I even lowered my eyes when he got on 😢. Now I would really want to talk to him, but I'm afraid that he might think it's weird that after 2 years pretending we don't know each other I'm suddenly interested in him. Help!
Wouldn't it be weird to talk to him?
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