I wonder why are all men stubborn like this, insistent on getting their own way?

My two boyfriends, Chris and his older brother Dwayne; share me between Atlanta and Chicago, I let them both go "second base with me," and yet they can't let me get all the time in, in the world, to do my social media on Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Tout, Facebook and Tik Tok,
I love to show my butt off in full bloom, (spare you the details), anyway, I'm a Natural Goddess,
they can be behind on their writing and music for all day during the week and weekend, just for me, they're so selfish! I'm tired of my other boyfriend's older brother (also my boyfriend), always needing to go to sleep early and wake up early writing his stories, twiddling away at his thumbs. Always working on fictional characters, making plans for his life and he doesn't want

Me to cast a spell on him, have him itching in and around his head, have him running out of breath, can't he just remain broke with no money, just stay at home with his mama and their younger brother, with no job, car and not attending school? He always has to do something,
he knows that I'm the "Queen-Bee, up in this place!" I rule the world, I rule everyone, everything revolves around me, I'm a "Natural Goddess, Rebellious-C. h. a. n. t. e. l. e., even though I have OCD
no one can touch me, I can get away with everything, they like how I look, so I get anything that
I want from them, at any given time and they know it, I'm spoiled. I've secured measures to make sure that no one can get ahead of me in life, I have my brand to protect and I can't have a
"Mousy-fiction-writer," nor a wanna "musician-rapper," in my way, ha, ha. I dominate everyone,
even on here. They wanna try me and keep ignoring my wants and needs in bed and out.

Why are all men stubborn like this? Why can't they just do what I want? Give up their dreams for me?
I wonder why are all men stubborn like this, insistent on getting their own way?
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