Why would he even care?

So my exbex up with me and when he came to pick up his stuff I left my phone down for a sec and he read messages I had with a guy friend who I was gonna game online with and (yes he's just a friend and no it's not one of those "that's what they all say" he literally is just a friend) and when I was about to put my headset on for gaming he gave me a look and said "ya I'll let you keep that headset your gonna need it I saw your messages" and I told him it's not a big deal he's just a friend and he throws the comments like "ya for now oh well i dont care" and then asked me if I think he's good looking and asked for his full name. Why does it matter and why would he care?, Especially since he dumped me? πŸ™„πŸ€”
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It's meant to say "my ex broke up with me" ignore the exbex.. stupid phone
Why would he even care?
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