Is he just serious... or maybe he’s thinking about marriage?

I met this guy. I’m 26 and he is 43 , he has been in movies with big movie actors since he was 8. We connected through a mutual friend. We’ve been on many dates, and he is a true gentleman. He never pressured me into sex and never brought it up until I was ready. We talk about everything , and I get a pit in my stomach, a good one. We laugh and joke all day and when he goes on movie sets which are out of town; he makes sure to call me / face time me all he can. The reason I’m asking is because he brought up a conversation we had about a couple months ago about investing in a ranch and how we want goats and some farm animals, which would mean living together and starting over in a new place. He hasn’t mentioned kids or marriage but he did mention moving in together. He says he loves me , which is a big word after a couple months of dating , he gives me the most wonderful advice. We connect on such a deep level, but I don’t know if he’s willing to take the plunge I want. I feel men don’t really speak about moving in together and say I love you if they don’t. Obviously you might be thinking I am young , “I definitely think he may be the one” can some of you share your thoughts?” He also has been there through thick and thin with family drama and my dad and I not speaking anymore , always being there for me to fall back on. Any opinions? Also he posts me on his social media and has not posted other women on his story. It has always been me
Is he just serious... or maybe he’s thinking about marriage?
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