Weird shit ny boyfriend said tonight meaning what?

My boyfriend said a few things to me tonight and I’m wondering why and what the meaning of it is: 1. He told me he I look good in my denim shorts but they are much too revealing and he advised me to not wear them out of the house or I could get attacked by a weirdo. He said there are so many weirdos out there. 2. He said he’s worried when I leave the house to go for a walk (which I do in broad daylight and not wearing those shorts). 3. When my phone rang at night he asked if it was my ex, even though I told him I refuse any contact with my abusive ex and don’t even have his number. 4. He then told me told cuddle him and stroke his hair when we were in bed. When I nearly fell asleep doing it, he woke me up and told me to keep doing it. Please people, what’s going on here?
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And oh, later he also told me to shut my phone off because the message notifications I get annoyed him 🤨. He’s also getting those on his phone and never turns it off
Weird shit ny boyfriend said tonight meaning what?
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