Do boys assume girls just don't talk to each other about these things?

I already have a boyfriend and am in a very happy relationship but that doesn't stop some fuck boys.

There's this guy i used to be really good friends with in school till i found out what kind of person he was and lost a lot of respect for and it was just embarrassing to be around him. he's a massive fuck boy and he has no shame about it.

He's literally hoping to one girl to the other in the dms trying to get them to go out with him. It's actually kinda sad how desperate he is. I stayed friends with him for a while even after i found out how much of a fuck boy he was, it was more him who didn't want to be friends after id make fun out of him and call him out in front of girls he was chatting up. He got upset and saw it as me disrespecting him and ruining his game.

So anyway he messaged one of my girlfriends on Facebook last night whilst i was around her house. We knew exactly what he wanted and we had a little fun with him. It was so funny leading him on as everything he says is just a script he wrote and just copies and pastes it into everyone girls dms on social media he hasn't already tried it with.

After he got but my friend was making a fool out of him, he went straight into my dms 🤣. I was screaming with laughter, like how desperate do you have to be to go after the girl who called you out for being a fuck boy. Does he think us girls just don't talk to each other about this stuff. We all know what his game is. He even goes as far as telling girls he's never talked to but he's in love with them and but they are the most beautiful girl he's ever seen, on the regular.
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Another thing that really annoys me with boys is thinking girls are okay with being treated as second best. I remember some years back, one of friends wanted to ask out another one of my friends. At first i thought it was really sweet and i was rooting for him. I asked him one lunch if he'd asked her out yet and he said "no i was to scared so decided but I'm gonna ask you out instead". I was not happy at all and he didn't understand why and played the heart broken victim.
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They don't really know how to make a girl feel special do they when they say i was too scared to ask out that girl so i thought it just be easier to ask you out instead because im so desperate for a girlfriend and don't care how you might feel about that, my superficial wants are more important than your feelings and self worth.
Do boys assume girls just don't talk to each other about these things?
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