My ex gave me some money for my bills should I keep it or give it back?

My ex broke my heart a few years ago. I never thought I would see him again or be able to forgive him. We ran into one another and when he saw me I ignored him. I guess afterwards he asked a mutual friend for my number and texted me finally apologizing for everything he had done. It was refreshing to hear an apology after all these years. I didn’t respond but I was glad to have the apology it made me feel so much better. He texted again a few days later apologizing for getting my number and saying he had only wanted to let me know that he was sorry and hadn’t intended to bother me. I texted back “I accept you apology.” Later, the mutual friend who had given him my number (who was actually more his friend than mine) let me know that they had disclosed some of my personal business such as me working a lot and having to catch up on bills. I was angry but I didn’t tell them how upset it made me. They said that my ex had asked them to bring me $500 and they were dropping it off because they thought me and him discussed that he would give me some money. But he never told me anything about knowing I needed help with my bills. I was going to turn it down at first but I decided to take it. He had broken my heart so badly that I felt it was only right that I get something in return for my wasted time. I know that he is currently in a relationship but we have said so little to one another and I am still hurt by him so the possibility of his gesture evolving into us getting back together is zero. I did call him and tell him I got the money and I considered keeping it but that I couldn’t accept anything from him and that an apology was enough. I asked him to have his friend pick it back up and he pleaded with me to keep it! He said he was sorry over and over again and even started to cry. I am so confused what do I do? I hung up and haven’t spoken to him since then and. I only accepted the money simply because I didn’t want to feel played anymore. Should I just give it back?
My ex gave me some money for my bills should I keep it or give it back?
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