Why is he dating me?

Been together 8 months, From day one my partner said to me he's said to me he's very straight forward and brutally honest. he's only ever said i have a pretty face, i asked him 3 physical features he likes best about me, he said my lips, my hair and my face. It hurts a lot because he's said to me he wishes i had a bigger boobs. I wish i did too. He knows i'm incredibly self conscious about i, whenever i get changed i make sure my back it to him and i make a conscious effort to cover myself. I personally don't feel like much of a women no matter how much of an effort i go to, doing my hair, make up, getting my nails done wearing nice clothes. pretty summer dresses just show my sternum instead of cleavage, or have my stomach stick out more further then my flat boobs no matter what bra i wear. he reassures me i act feminine and my personality traits, characteristics are all feminine. i feel i look like less of a women and feel like boy with body fat in all the wrong places. I love my boyfriend dearly but it does hurt never getting told i look nice, or my figure looks nice in a dress or outfit. i do what ever i can to cover up because i feel so self conscious about the way i look, all of his exs had big busts and i'm assuming all his one night stands did too. it doesn't help he's ridiculously attractive. I'm always complementing him on how he looks and boosting his self esteem, dare i say some would refer to him as arrogant and vain. It just really hurts because i know he doesn't like my body and wishes i had bigger boobs. i've cried myself to sleep in his arms and i cry almost daily when he's not home. We're going away soon to a place with beautiful beaches, and i've said to him i don't feel beautiful in pretty dresses. he's tells me he wants me to wear them, i don't feel pretty in them, nor do i want to even go to the beach. It doesn't help when he sees pretty girls and we are out he will walk a few steps in front of me and hold my hand when they are out of sight.
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he tried to tit fuck me once and it just broke me completely, because obviously it didn't work. It hurts a lot just not have curves in the right places. he said i know what i can do when your pregnant, he said he could tit fuck me and it truly just breaks my heart and makes me feel like less of a women daily.

I just feel like i'm not pretty enough for him and i should leave him and let him go find someone more attractive, with big boobs, as sex is very important him! made clear from day one
Why is he dating me?
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