Guy using me for his pleasure?

The guy I’m dating is currently working in a different state for the next two weeks. He doesn’t text me all day, only texts me at night and makes the texts sexual. Before he left for work, he would normally see me, text me a lot more consistently, actually sound interested in my day. Now that he is in a different state, we barely communicate except when he is in bed. We’ve met in person before at least 10 times. Is this guy using me for his pleasure?

here's an example of what one of our conversations would look like:
Me (10am): “Goodmorning ____”
Him: leaves me on read
Him (9pm): “Hey! How are you doing?”
Me (9pm): “I’m doing good! Did ___ today. How are you doing?”
Him (9:10pm): “Nice glad you’re doing well. Whatcha wearing?”
Me (9:15pm): sends a pic of my outfit
Him (9:20pm): “I am imagining doing so many naughty things to you in that. Ughhhh I’m so tired”
Me (9:30pm): “Goodnight! Sleep well”
Him: leaves me on read

Also did I say something wrong? He never used to leave me on read.
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Guy using me for his pleasure?
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