How can you tell if a guy actually cares.. ?

The guy I’ve been talking to for months now, Says he doesn’t want a relationship because he’s too broken.. Cuz of past relationships.. And I’m sure how I’ve acted in the past (accusing him of lying to me and stuff cuz I overthink) doesn’t help.. But we keep coming back to each other even when we’ve both said we’re done.. I truly care about him a lot and No matter what happens between us i just want him to be happy... even if we don’t ever end up together.. But the thing is.. I don’t know how to keep my feelings and overthinking in check.. I’ve been in shitty relationships too.. So
I have trouble believing anyone actually cares about me. I can’t tell if he keeps coming back because i allow it or if he feels the same as me.. But just scared of being hurt again.. I’m trying to just distance myself and let him contact me first and try not to get in my feelings or if I do restrain from even bringing anything up.. I’ve never felt this strongly about someone before... I felt an instant connection the moment I met him...
How can you tell if a guy actually cares.. ?
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