Neighbour Attack?

I have a very hot neighbour whom is roughly 3-4 years younger than me. I don’t consider myself hot - maybe I am a 6 but he is definitely at least an 8!

Anywho we had started talking a few months back and much more recently as we both have dogs... my dog is a little hyper so it always makes it difficult to actually talk with my neighbour without my dog barking/jumping etc

Anywho point being is that I want to jump his bones... he saw me load the car for a weekend away and my ex was also loading the car with me... neighbour starting asking me about where we were going and telling me about his dog and how he is planning to move within the next year to a bigger place for his dog...

I don’t want him to move... and I get that having my ex be around is not the next way to show that I am avails. I’d like to explore things with this guy and see whether it could work... I have been crushing on him even while I was with my now ex. Every time I am around my neighbour I just feel like a cosmic connection...

I will finish by saying that given my dog being always so hyper when he sees his dog... he suggested we organize a play date at my place or his place... what does it mean?
Neighbour Attack?
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