Guys, How do I stop this shy guy from bothering me?


At first i thought he was just a shy guy but now i see he has a dark side. He saw me "flirting" (basically being jokey... nothing sexual) with this coworker who is probably the biggest flirt in the whole workplace and he started saying that i am a flirt and to watch out for me. Later i confronted him and he said he was just joking. I dont consider that a joke because i barely know this guy. Who jokes by gossipping about a relative stranger? Plus its sexist that im getting berated for "flirting" with this one guy when he is THE BIGGEST flirt with every girl. I dont go around flirting with guys but a lot of them try to with me because im very beautiful. Yet if i am seen smiling around 1 guy im a flirt to watch out for according to self-centered woman-hating men.

Also this guy was telling the boss that he doesn't want to train newcomers anymore and that i should be the trainer instead. I never expressed a desire for that so why he's trying to push his burden on me, a woman, is ridiculous and i am at a loss except to say he's a woman hater and immature.

I am tired of these little boys "just joking" around about me. I dont want to be their little buddy or punching bag. How do i make them go away? I am a generally cheerful woman and i try to enjoy work but i never ask to be the butt of their stupid immature "jokes." I want to always be treated with respect as the weaker sex, as a lady.

It is probably easy to get the outgoing flirts to stop teasing me by just shutting down and ignoring them. However with a shy guy, how would I do it?
Guys, How do I stop this shy guy from bothering me?
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