Guys, what are the 5 non negotiable characteristics (not physically) that your partner must have?

the question is in the title.



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  • Well I think that I actually covered this pretty well in this one post. ( link ) Especially the following part...

    "Key elements, that I think are a must in any relationship.

    For example loyalty. As in a certain degree of devotion and willingness to stand by for whatever happens. Now this doesn't need to be blind faith or loyalty. After all, a person has to think for themselves. But some support is nice, and regarding thinking for yourself, speaking up when someone is in the wrong is also much needed, so don't be a straight kiss-ass.

    Along with loyalty issue, I also feel that one thing that's just as important is trust. This is crucial. A person needs to know that they can trust their significant other, and it goes both ways. So first off, no jealousy. If you're jealous, you push your partner away, and you show you don't trust them. Furthermore it beggars the question, "Why?" along with "can I trust her/him, if s/he can't trust me", and overall just makes things unpleasant for everybody.

    Also with loyalty, cheating is out, and it goes both ways without question. You can't cheat. Neither can your other. If anyone cheats you might as well end the relationship right then and there because it's gonna go straight to hell from then on. Kissing, counts too. Though merely talking to someone else, and in most cases even flirting should be let go. Some people flirt unconsciously, and as for talking to other people, it's gonna happen. Let it go."

    This part is really non-negotiable. You cheat? You're gone. You act like a jealous cunt? You're gone. I'm not a cheater, and I don't tolerate cheaters, and have nothing but contempt for them. Accusing me of being one, will only succeed in pissing me off. Furthermore It's not about loving, or caring. Jealousy is about control, territoriality, selfishness, paranoia, and only leads to everyone being unhappy and overall just feeling like shit. It's not worth it.

    So jealousy needs to go, cheating should never happen, trust needs to stay, and loyalty is a must. Period. I will not budge on this.


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  • -Sense of humor.

    -Not bitchy.

    -Not sexually awkward. A girl I used to talk to anything you'd say to her joking or not she'd be like "That's dirty." like she's 12 or something.

    -Not overly nice/optimistic.

    -Not brain dead.

    It's really hard for me to think of these since I've never dated or had a relationship.

  • no drug habit

    must respect my family as I have every intention of respecting hers

    mustn't use my past against me

    honest with me about everything

    sense of humor

  • Drug/disease free


    Likes me back



  • -Non smoker and no drugs






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  • 1) Good open communication skills

    2) Sexually satisfying

    3) High level of compassion

    4) Well educated

    5) Ability to be my best friend

  • Be able to sexually satisfy me