Is it safe to say he’s no longer interested?

At my age, I feel like relationships either move at lightning speed or they don’t move at all, which scares me a little. We met online and haven’t even been on one date when he starts getting romantic with me. I suggested a coffee date but he says he wants to go to a park instead. I prefer to keep first dates very basic, and I was a bit leery about going to a park at night with someone I didn’t know. He agrees to do the coffee date and asked me to pick a place, then says he’s going to call me later. Last night he called, I answered but was in my car and didn’t feel comfortable talking and driving, so we briefly planned the date for Sunday (tomorrow) and I told him to call me on Saturday afternoon. Later when I wasn’t driving anymore I felt bad about rushing him off the phone, so I called him back and left a voicemail apologizing and asking him to call me back. He hasn’t. I sent him a text this morning saying “good morning” and then another one about an hour ago asking if we were still on for tomorrow and haven’t gotten any response. I’m not contacting him again after this unless I get a response, but should I even count on the date happening tomorrow or just move on?
Is it safe to say he’s no longer interested?
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