Why is my boyfriend suddenly ignoring me?

Everything in the relationship was going great also we dated last year and things ended because I wasn’t that great of a girlfriend to him. Then I changed my ways and we started talking again then ended up in a relationship. I loaned him money to help with his business and he promised he’ll pay it back even when I insisted he can take it as a gift he refused and said it’s a loan. Also whenever I would accuse him of being a thief or scamming me he’d get upset and be like “it’s okay don’t worry about the loan and just keep it” and said it in a kind way which he wasn’t upset. But I would keep insisting he take the loan from me. It’s been 3 weeks since he took the loan and we continued to talk normally. Currently he is out of the country and has been for the last 2 weeks. He even messaged me with his new number. Anyways the last we talked was on Monday and he said he missed me. Then on Tuesday night I asked him for my money back and on Wednesday I explained it was for school. Didn’t hear back from him. Then the next day I spammed him but was still kind of nice about it. Then on Friday I made a fake Snapchat account but used my real name and he replied to it and was like who is this? my name is that you?
Then 3 minutes later he was like what are u talking about? What’s going on?
And a few hours later I replied to him explaining what I said on text. He didn’t get back to me nor did he talk all day (today) I was tracking his active status on Facebook and he was barely on.

Do you think he’s ignoring me because he scammed me (and faked the whole relationship) or he’s too embarrassed to admit that he doesn’t have the money?

He is also one of those people who have major pride. I had an ex who was a leech and I would be paying for every single meal and the first and second time we dated he’d be the one to always pay.
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He was hesitant to borrow it from me because I would get skeptical and would accuse him of being a scammer or a thief then he'll get upset and tell me to forgot about it (I was giving him the loan in installments) and to keep the money (said it in a kid way using ❤️ emojis) and I kept insisting he takes it. And can even keep it as a gift or to think of it as a gift so there's no drama. He said he won't and that it's a loan/debt then I agreed with it.
Why is my boyfriend suddenly ignoring me?
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