Guys, Why he doesn't call or text me first but replies?

There's this guy I'm seeing and he recently reached out after a year after things ended between us. We weren't official then and still isn't because I want to be sure I'm making the right decision.

Basically, the first week he'd text first even called me to ask for a second chance because he said he really liked me but wasn't ready and it freaked him out but now he's ready to be with me.

Now, the problem is since then I'm the one texting him first, asking about his day, what's he up to, how he's doing etc. But, doesn't even ask me any of that and I confronted him about this lack of communication. I explained that this is our only platform since I'm leaving the country for work. I asked him to work on this and to try out in effort.

He apologized said he'll work on it but that I must understand that sometimes he gets busy and doesn't feel like chatting he'll tell me all about that.

He responds to my messages he just doesn't text first or even call. I'm trying my best to chill but honestly what is this?

Am I wasting my time? I don't know if I can wait for him to finally put in that effort. He doesn't even check up on me, NOTHING!
Guys, Why he doesn't call or text me first but replies?
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