Guy rejected me 4 years ago but nowadays we still act like a couple?

I met this guy 4 years ago during an exchange year, he lives in a neighbor country of mine and is a year older. Back then we were 16 and 17 (now 19 and 21) and we spend every minute together. People always thought we were a couple. When I told him about my feelings 3.5 years ago, he said he sees me as a friend and we don't have enough time to start a relationship. We only had 2 weeks left and back at home 4 hours are between us. During the following years we haven't had much contact. We texted, skyped, met a few times. Now recently we saw each other again and it's even more perfect than it was all those years ago. Shy smiles, eye and body contact, sharing intimate stories of our childhood. My family loves him, especially my dad. His family seems to really like me, even tho they haven't seen me in person yet. Those days when he stayed at my place were perfect. I got some heavy health problems recently and many people can't get along with it, he is always there for me and helps me as often as he can. He's happy just being beside me even if I'm too sick to stand up. Recently he told me that he's coming to study in my country, 2 hours away from my home and not that far from the university I'm planning to go. He's really excited about it, especially bc it means that we see each other more often. I'm really excited too, because I still hope that something more can grow between us. I still love him since all those years... Despite the distance between us. My family and friends who saw the two of us together all say that we would be perfect for each other. We are just on the same wave length.
Im still not sure if there is hope for me tho. Can his feelings from 4 years ago change?
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I should have added that both of us are a bit shy and rather calm than party goers. He's not someone who has many female friends and neither have I with boys. He's a real gentleman and he's always watching out or does random little things for me. Really cute.
Guy rejected me 4 years ago but nowadays we still act like a couple?
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