Boyfriend of my close friend is presumably hitting on me.. I should tell her right?

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There are a few problems with the situation I'm in right now. For example if I'm wrong and he's just being friendly and trying to befriend me it's going to be devastating for me if I told her he was hitting on me. Other problem is that I constantly see him around since he's always with my friend so if I just ignored him it would get extremely uncomfortable for me, him and everyone else.

So this is how I came to the conclusion that he's hitting on me:

Every single time he gets the chance he tries to start a conversation with me in person and he dms me at least once or twice a week. Despite me more or less ignoring him or just giving really nonchalant responses. Other stuff includes stuff that happened during a trip my friends and I took and he was obviously included.. Like he wanted to do a lot of stuff for me and always reserved the place next to me. I somewhat felt like he was trying to keep me company because I was there without a guy. Maybe at least.

It's all really annoying and I just don't get why he's like that when he and my friend are always so chummy.. I can't even say to "stop talking to me" to him since that's just beyond rude and if I told him that I wasn't interested in him that way there's the chance that he'd really confused. Also I can't tell my friend that he's been texting me because I doubt she'd care about it if it was friendly and it could just raise unwanted suspicion towards him (if he isn't hitting on me).

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Told him that since I wasn't interested in him regarding friendship and especially anything beyond that, he should stop acting so interested in me. I also told him that I wasn't sure if he was hitting on me or not but it seemed that way to me. He obviously denied it but I think he's going to stop now.

Thanks for the opinions and if he doesn't stop I will just inform my friend about all this.
Boyfriend of my close friend is presumably hitting on me.. I should tell her right?
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