What's wrong in saying thank you for a compliment?

I had a crush on this guy for many years, last year he reached out to me and we started to talk, we knew that there was a mutual liking. Anyhow, he told me he wants to take it slowly for xyz reasons, at the beginning I was okay then I started to push him and overthink.. etc. So I removed him from my accounts and didn't talk with him for 8 months, tbh I started to see other guys but never stopped thinking of him, last week I saw something that reminded me of him and I texted to check on him, he didn't bring it up, I kept it light with a simple closure. Anyhow, I uploded some photos from a professional photoshoot and he texted me commenting on the photos and my shape, I told him that the photographer was great then I sent him other photos, then he said "wow, he's a good photographer, but you're so beautiful, there's no other way to put it," I told him "that's sweet, thank you" Then he went like: A thank you? I don't know how to reply to that!!! I texted "maybe: you're welcome?" and he disappeared ever since! I don't know did I do something wrong here?
What's wrong in saying thank you for a compliment?
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