My boyfriend thinks he’s gay?

So my boyfriend has told me last night that he thinks he’s been fooling himself and is actually attracted to guys. I am going to support him no matter what, but he keeps saying he doesn’t see himself in the future with a guy but also he said he doesn’t see it with a woman either. He’s Muslim so insists he can’t be gay. Also, he seems to be curious in sexual acts with males as he said he just wants to know how it feel like. He said ever since one of his friends, who were gay and male, told him that he liked him, it’s made my boyfriend think that he is gay as he has been having dreams and finding guys more attractive than woman. I’m unsure on whether his friend has somehow said something to make him doubt himself, or if he has actually just brought out the person who my boyfriend actually is. Either way any help would be appreciated as he’s gone very depressed thinking that he’s gay and can’t accept that that may be who he is or not.
My boyfriend thinks he’s gay?
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