Does this one guy I'm hooking up with have a girlfriend?

So the first time me and this guy hooked up (we were in the car) he said something like "Does your boyfriend know your hooking up" and I said "no I don't have a boyfriend" then he "So you wouldn't hookup with me if you had a boyfriend?" I said "I mean ;) ... I don't play like that though" That was the end of that topic

Before we hooked up he called me cute, and I called him cute and he took it as a compliment (on text.) I asked how many girlfriend's he's had and he said he's dated 2 (on text.) When we hooked up he took a video of me and him doing it from behind, if that helps.

All these point to him not dating but I have his snap and he's posted on his story (something all his friends can view) of him laying on his stomach on his bed, with little of his face and his back (nothing suggestive) with a red heart were u can type text into. I don't know if this is regular guy behavior or not. But maybe his snap is just for his hookups? Or maybe guys post stuff like this on their story all the time and I just don't notice?
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Does this one guy I'm hooking up with have a girlfriend?
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