Met him once, and continued online, love connection?

This is going to sound creepy but hear me through. My sister who is now 43 had a college roommate and she had a guy friend who at the time I met through a party my family threw. He is now 43. We became friends on facebook when I was 16, I just added everyone in whom I've met. (we all remember the first year of facebook.)

So he has followed me since 16, and never tried to pursue me at all until I turned 24. I am now 26. We've been talking non stop now for about four months on the phone and on FaceTime as he lives in California and I am from New York City.

He now has set up a second residence in Oklahoma as he is a director, did some famous movies, and has been asked to work on a project there. Throughout the trip to Oklahoma to buy the house he was on the phone and face timed me constantly.

He keeps bringing up "moving in together" as we both always joke about owning a farm. He randomly started saying I love you recently, and has helped me through huge family problems and my dog's death.

Like I said at 24 he pursued me but I snubbed him completely as at the time I was not interested. I really feel for him as he has never come at we sideways with "send me photos" I mean we'll flirt here and there obviously, that would be weird if we didn't... but he is a pure gentleman so far who I only met in person once...

I wonder what he wants to be honest. I feel a man never says "I love you" and "move in together" unless he is looking for something serious. The minute something good happens with his work I am the first person he calls + he has introduced me to his parents on face time... what do I do. Before you answer that, do you think this is a joke to him or could he be serious?
Met him once, and continued online, love connection?
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