Did I hurt his feelings?

I was texting my ex. I was talking a lot and he said he liked it. Then I said I don't know what to do and he was like I don't know lol We can keep talking if you want, or if not then it was nice catching up whatever you want lol" I told him I liked talking to him but didn't want to be annoying and he said not to worry about that and was like "Dope" then he dragged the convo. We are in college. He took time to answer which i understand. I told him when I moved back in my roommate and her mom found me a boyfriend and were trying to set me up said he was cute and tall and my roommate told the guy "my roommate is a 10 and my ex was like "LMAOO she's not lying tho, that's nice of her to set you up, on the first day. then i was like "aww that's sweet" and he answered and said "Lmao he's perfect for you and the 7th floor, that's too much lmao." he used some emojis. I told him a guy came up to me and my friend and she said he was flirting with me and my guy friend was like "Aw he probably was, that's good he's nice though”. I told him the guy was a Virgo and I liked his life story but forgot his name and he was like “aww that’s sweet. it’s love at first sight" Then I told him my roommate's brother was coming and I didn't want him to and he was like " ok ok i see you but be careful a few texts later he didn't answer for 2 days and then left me on opened for 3 days! He would ask me what’s up drag the convo, agreed I’m a 10 now this! Should I text him, I always text first but I like talking to him and wanna fix this. I am trying to wait and see if he says anything in my birthday but I don't know if he’s mad or annoyed at the stuff I said. Like I said this is weird of him. Last year when he didn’t wanna talk, he’d just say one word and that’s it and not leave me on read. I’m so confused , did he find something out or something?
Did I hurt his feelings?
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