I like my Ex’s friend and I can’t tell if he likes me back?

Okay so backstory: ex and I didn’t work out, he moved states, and we were becoming toxic for each other so we broke up (partially mutually). This was a couple months ago. I’m a football trainer and guy I like is the head coach’s son, his older brother coaches as well. Well give the guy I like the initial B. B usually plays football for a local university but he had knee surgery so he’s out for the season and he’s helping his dad coach since he is getting his degree to be a coach like his brother and dad. He’s a really great, sweet guy and got a good head on his shoulders. He comes up to me to get water and we talk for quite a while during breaks in practice. I think he’s looked at me a couple times but I can’t tell if we’re making eye contact or not because we both wear reflective sunglasses. We recently started snapping back and forth because I asked how many coaches there were so I could get them all a little something for their first real game and we’ve been talking ever since about college, what we want to do, etc. and now with hurricane Laura we’ve been checking up on each other. He’s from another part of Texas and has never gone through a hurricane like I have (5 hurricanes for me). So I was worried naturally. It’s pretty scary. Oh he also told my ex he should join the military when he used to be super against him going. Now all of a sudden since we’ve been talking he’s been telling my ex he should see about doing it. Anywho, I need advice on knowing whether or not he likes me, if he’d even date me with my ex being one of his friends, and how to possibly feel the waters to see if he likes me. Or if I should just ask him out.
I like my Ex’s friend and I can’t tell if he likes me back?
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