Does he trust me or should I be worried?

Okay so myself and this girl don’t speak much anymore. She manipulated my guy best friend a lot and caused a huge tension. She’d spread lies and all that to break us up after she messed up her own friendship with her best friend. When we were speaking at times I kinda slipped out something I wasn’t supposed to say period. And I felt bad because I made a promise to my guy friend. It was an intimate thing. Anyways she basically is lonely and has said a lot of stuff. There was a screenshot of a photo I took of his family I saw online, I was stupid to make the mistake and feed into her request to see his family. I felt guilty after and deleted that photo completely. But I didn’t unsend it because I didn’t wanna cause troubles. But I felt guilty about it for months until he accused me almost half a year later about it and saving it. I never saved it but I assumed she basically told him I did. I reassured him I didn’t and Yk it was kinda awkward but then we both apologized and recognized there were better ways to handle things. Recently we were getting intimate so to speak. And he asked me if I ever told her about anything , but he didn’t get aggravated to anything he was chill. I made it clear she had looked through some of my texts with him and she did this to him when she’d chill with him (she bluntly admitted to looking for my nudes). And he said he trusts me and Yk that was that. We proceeded to get intimate and everything, and we spoke about to after. I explained everything she did, from lying to both of us, to manipulating us, and to basically saying he pervs off her (which was before untrue). He said it’s fine and to not worry, he said she could say what she wants about him because he knows himself and I do. And he finally said for us to let it be and focus on the future. And we ended off well. He was mostly scared out intimacy would hurt our bond.

I just feel guilty but should I be worried, or does he trust me?
Does he trust me or should I be worried?
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