Do you guys think I was intentionally being disrespectful?

So I slept over my boyfriends house and late at night I to use the bathroom. I usually only sleep in a shirt and considering it was like 3 in the morning and that his room is in the basement, right next to the bathroom and everyone else in the house was sleep and with His mothers room being upstairs, I figured I’ll run out there really quick, use it and rush back without putting on bottoms. I was still tired and I really had to go. He literally wakes up and calls me back to the room before I can even sit on the toilet and starts yelling at me At 3am calling me a b****. Asking why I would disrespect his home. Saying that his mom could have been up washing clothes, the laundry machine is right next to his room, and could have saw me like that. Assuming that I did it because he was sleep and that he now has to sleep with one eye open around me. Insinuating that he can’t trust me and says he doesn’t need any one around that he can’t trust etc and jhe even threatened to hit me. He justifies all this by saying “I only disrespect you like this and threaten to hit you when you disrespect me.” Telling me to look him in his eye, as if I were a child and not his girlfriend. it wasn’t that I didn’t see the big deal, it was just that it was late. I really had to go and the scenarios he thought of weren’t likely to happen. Also, I rushed to do it for a reason because I knew I only had on underwear. I was never trying to disrespect his home. I still don’t even go in his refrigerator or take a shower unless I ask him if it’s okay first.
Do you guys think I was intentionally being disrespectful?
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