Why does my ex keep coming back?

We have broken up for 3 months now and it was his decision cz of misunderstanding. after breakup he was angry nd was continuously lashing out. until I blocked him for one full month so that he can get relaxed as well as me too. after breakup when he was lashing out he told me he has got a new girlfriend. now after a month I have become relax than before but still love him but couldn't dare to talk to him as he told me he has a girlfriend. I don't know is it true or nit as I didn't see any new girl on any of his social media.3 days ago he texted me and was talking to me very sweetly. he even asked me whether I miss him or not. he also asked me that do I have ours pic in my phone or not as he was looking at our pic so he said he thought that he should ask me. then he asked me to meet him on 28.2 days he kept on asking about do I have a boyfriend or not nd miss him or not. nd yesterday again he suddenly became hot and started talking about past again. he said if things would have been like that or this then our relation would have not ended like this. he again became angry. nd I told him that now there's no point to talk about past as he is with new girl. still he said that few questions were making him depressed so he needed to have answers. i gave him all the answers though breakup was his choice nd told him he will regret it. i dont know why he was talking sweetly fir 2 days and why he became hot yesterday. nd now tomorrow is 28 nd he didn't tell me about any meeting. whats going on. can someone explain me
Why does my ex keep coming back?
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