Why do I not get complimented anymore?

This isn’t even a question for guys. It’s for both girls and guys. Just want your opinions on this please. I’m not fishing for compliments but I was just wondering why nobody compliments me anymore? I used to get compliments all the time. From friends, acquaintances and strangers. If I walked outside, guys would stop me just to compliment me. When I was in college, everyone knew my name because they all thought I was a very pretty girl. When I went to university, people would mention my name in conversation for this very same reason. Whenever I would post on Snapchat and Instagram, I used to be bombarded with compliments I do think I am very attractive and people have said that I am between 8-9 out of 10 if you had to measure it. People tell my boyfriend that ‘she’s very pretty’ and he calls me attractive all the time. However, I feel like he says it because he is my boyfriend you know? But anyway, now when I post I get nothing. I don’t get stopped in the street from strangers. I don’t get the same attention anymore. I can’t help but think I’m not that pretty as I used to be or that I have glowed down or something. I see so many people I know who are looking better and are getting acknowledged for it and I just feel like people don’t think I’m that good looking anymore. Does anyone know the reasoning for this? I am 21 by the way!
Why do I not get complimented anymore?
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