Does this make me a bad girlfriend?

I have been with my boyfriend for only a few months, so we know things about each other but new things about us, our personalities, what we like, morals, values etc are always still popping up because it hasn’t been that long but what I have noticed is he can be very disrespectful. He gets mad at almost anything and talks to me like I’m his child, then when I give him that same energy back, he calls me disrespectful. He is also a music artist, sort of, he isn’t signed yet and often he will ask me to do things for him, pay for promo, pay to add likes, comments and subscriptions to his songs and music videos. Asking me to submit money to fake radio station messages that he receives. Saying that if he submits a certain amount, he’ll be on the radio and I know it isn’t real. He also will ask me to do all these things, he calls me his assistant, after he has talked to me, yelled at me, disrespected me as If I weren’t his girlfriend and expects me to be passionate about helping his career. I want him to make it but it’s hard to show that and invest in that when he talks to me any sort of way. In the beginning, before I saw that he was like this. I would gladly invest in his music career. I even gave him the money for one of his music videos, but now, I’m just fed up and overwhelmed. When he does it, he makes me feel less of and then when I confront him about it he tries to justify it and makes it seem like I’m playing the “Victim” role. I don’t know what to do.
Does this make me a bad girlfriend?
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