Would you stay with someone who quit their job due to depression?

My boyfriend (who is currently staying with his sister after a huge argument yesterday over finances) quit his job months ago due to his depression. I have been supportive of it. I have been offering him resources to get help. He has been going to the gym to beat on a punching bag, which actually helps him a great deal.

However, yesterday he wanted to go help his dad for the 3rd day in a row, knowing we had no groceries in the house. His dad lives over an hour away and ultimately in 2 days, he blew through almost $60 for gas after carting his dad around everywhere. His dad treats him like a money pit, because he knows that I make good money. So I basically told him that it wasn't a good day and we had stuff to do. He was angry because his dad made him feel like he absolutely needed him. So I explained to him calmly that I am already supporting him and I dont intend to support his father as well.

He went off (his depression comes in the form of anger) and basically said that he has no intention of getting a job because he's so depressed that he just wants to kill himself. Anyways, he is at his sisters and now I am faced with a huge decision to make. Leave the man I love who is extremely depressed and refuses to work as a result, or stand by him and try helping him more and be supportive until he is mentally healthy enough to do it on his own.

What would you do?
Would you stay with someone who quit their job due to depression?
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