Should I keep talking to him?

There's this guy I have a crush on. We went to the same tutor, but he stopped a few weeks ago. We had some chats every now and then for two weeks. I almost always started the chat, and we usually don't respond fast to each other. At first, he spoke somewhat formally but then he suddenly apologized for being too "stiff" (that's the closest word in English I know to describe what he said) and started talking really casually. He said he's been pretty busy lately because he had a singing competition. So I didn't mind his slow responses. But then he suddenly sent me a video of him practicing for the competition. I told him I loved it, and he answered "hahaha thanks". I left it at that because I got busy the next day. Then, I texted him again in Tuesday but he hasn't replied or even read it. It was only a simple good morning, so could that be the reason why he didn't reply? He was active on ig though. Should I try to text him again one last time or should I just let it go?
Should I keep talking to him?
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