Do you guys think he overreacted?

So my boyfriend his a music artist so he has a song which he submitted to a radio station and he was sent a link from that radio station, asking him to send the link to three people to have them vote on how they feel about the song. I was one of the three he trusted to send it to. Now when he sent it, I was getting my hair done at the time, so my head was twisted, while trying to read the messages that began to pop up on my phone after hitting the link to vote, so many messages popped up before you could even vote on if you thought the track needed work, was trash or if it was a hit. So while I was about to vote it as a hit, another message popped up randomly, still related to the song and I slipped up and hit that it needed work. I told him about it as soon as I made the mistake and I told him to resend it so I could revote. He gets upset and starts yelling about how you can only vote once and that me messing up, messed it up for him. Which I know is an exaggeration because they do these contest and radio submissions all the time. Then he goes on to say I did it to intentionally hurt him when he knows, from my actions toward him in the past and present, I would never hurt him and not want to see him make it. I have been there for him even through his toughest times yet over a small mistake he blew up at me, called me out my name and said I was trying to hurt him and his career.
Do you guys think he overreacted?
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