How do you feel about ghosting?

I have to share this just because it never happened to me before and now i know it is very common and it happened to many people. I went on a date with a guy from Tinder.. From the moment i met him we clicked. There was extreme passion and very interesting intellectual conversation. He started making plans for future dates... He said to me how beautiful i am. I said to him how tired i am of just everybody wanting a hookup and just empty sex.. and how much more interesting it is if you have some connection and he agreed and said how mature he is now because he has daughter and he is not that interested in empty sex anymore. We were together 7 hours and at the end he offered me to drive me back home.. He stopped the car in the middle of nowhere and we started kissing passionately... it became very intense and i told him i won't have sex with him and told him to stop and go... But he was so... crazy... he said to me don't stop... just do whatever you want with me... and at the end i didn't sleep with him but we did some stuff... at the end he said i had a fun time with you but not only in the car... The whole date was great. And now it is been 4 weeks and nothing from him. He completely ghosted me... After the 4 day i sent one innocent message. that it wasn't that bad and i liked it what about him... He just said that the adventure was funny and the the other adventure was good as well... And nothing more.. I know that he sounds like a fuck boy but he was playing with me for 7 hours... just to sleep with me... and i showed him i want to see him again but he wasn't interested anymore... I feel like shit... And that was the first time in my life when i left my guard down. I am just thinking that he probably didn't like my boobs or something...
How do you feel about ghosting?
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