Boyfriend seems to be ignoring my texts after a good day together?

My boyfriend and I had a great day Friday. He was being super loving and affectionate, super cuddly, telling me cute things like “you’re the best girlfriend anyone could ever ask for” and “you’re so beautiful I love you so much, you make me feel amazing” and we laugh together like best friends, basically it was really great and he was so in love with me.

since then he’s basrsly spoken to me over text and that’s what we usually do. I decided not to text him yesterday because I wanted to give him a bit of space after a whole day together. He is working on fixing up his car because it was a ton of rust and he’s starting a new job next week so he’s most likely rushing to get it done, I helped him a bit on Friday, plus school is starting soon.

But I ended up texting him asking about things, he apologized for not texting me then after a few texts he leaves me on read at about 6 pm. Then starts snap chatting me and a group we’re in, and even directly refers to me as “babe” In the chat, but still no text. Then at around 2 am he starts sending me things on Instagram, I wake up and comment back on them and then he says “I love you babe sleep well❤️“ and I texted him this morning and still haven’t heard from him, it’s now 1 pm. I don’t know what’s going on, he says he forgets a lot and I’m worried if he’s having a depressive episode or just doesn’t wanna talk.
Boyfriend seems to be ignoring my texts after a good day together?
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