Why did this guy approach me anyway?

New guy started at work about three weeks ago. He stared at me a lot on his first day, but I didn't think much of it. I smiled at him in the hall at one point (to be nice because he was new), but that was it. A few days later, it was just me and him in the kitchen and he checked me out very obviously and gave me what I can only describe as 'bedroom eyes' - it was kind of predatory the way he looked at me, and I avoided eye contact with him the whole time because the whole thing made me feel gross. I just wanted to get my tea and get out. I thought he'd take the hint to stop, but instead he continued staring and winking at me whenever he'd walk past my desk. On Friday last week he actually approached me in the kitchen and talked to me. He seemed (surprisingly) normal, but the fact that he'd still approach me like that when it was clear I was put off by him has made me a bit wary of him. How should I act around him? I feel like he's pegged me as an easy target...
Why did this guy approach me anyway?
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