Did this guy friendzone me?

Okay so met this guy off of an app, never met him in person. He messaged me first n we've been talking for almost 2 months. I told him that I "digged him" and he said he thought I was pretty cool and would love to "hang out" with me. I would tell him how much I love talking to him but he never reciprocated. He'll greet me with "Aye man" and when I say goodnight he'd send a "Night man".
He's single, and told me that he was "done caring about relationships". Plus he's told me that him "being lonely is great". But we talk all the time and I think we really click, is it one sided? Do I have a chance of changing his mind on relationships, or should I just accept i'm in the friendzone? I just want to know cuz this dude lives 5 hours away and I would like to know if there's a possibility of a relationship before making that journey.

PS Is it a bad idea to ask him straightup if I'm friendzoned knowing what he's told me?
Did this guy friendzone me?
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