What’s the deal with this guy?

A guy at my job has been playing games with me ever since I started working. The very first day I started. He wants me to pay attention to him and only to him. Not to my friends, not to a TV, not to other guys, not ANYONE. He is married. He's not interested in me but acts like it. The minute I show interest, he tells me he's married and he's not interested. It's confusing. What makes it more confusing is that when I do lose interest or take attention off him, he shows interest. Only to mention he is married once I show interest back again. I know the difference between friendly and flirty. He is being flirty. What guy would chase a girl he's friendly to? I do pull away from his little games but he pulls me back in no matter what. I'm the only girl he does this to at work and I'm not sure why. I may be the weakest.
What’s the deal with this guy?
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