Why do I attract shy/insecure guys?

I'm 21; Ever since college, I've always seemed to attract shy/insecure guys. I don't know why, but I'm just happy I don't attract the guys that just want to mess around with women's feelings.

Last year, I remember I was having a really horrible day because a guy who asked me out on a date (blunt and narcissistic type) canceled our date and went out with another girl. I was pretty upset but then again I only knew him for 3 days. This guy (who happened to be shy and would look at me a lot in class but would look away when I looked at him) from my math course noticed in class that I was upset and asked me after class what's wrong so I told him and he was surprised that happened to me. He and I talked every once in a while, but it was hours later that he texted, "Hey, so there's a festival in town and I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me?" I thought for a while cause I needed to know myself if I could be really interested in this guy I've known for a couple of months. So I was thinking, but I said yes since he's always been very sweet and caring.

so to cut things short, we had a really great time together and decided to continue dating, which eventually lead to us being boyfriend and girlfriend.

However, it only lasted for 5 months as one day he just told me in a depressed state that I deserve better like a dude who plays football. (I was transferring to a different college cause they offered my specific major). I was so upset because I really loved him back then and kept telling him that I love him very much and would never let him go for another guy and that It'll all work out (cause I'm really not a needy person in general). But he kept saying we need to break up and cried saying goodbye and left me.

Its been so many months ever since that happened that I forgot how many months ago it was.
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It doesn't matter anyways as I'm over the breakup, but with the whole thing of me naturally attracting shy/insecure guys, I'm scared as sh** that breakup would rerun itself again if I decided to go back to dating a shy/insecure guy in a relationship would say, "I can't be with you because you deserve better than a shy/insecure guy like me.

I just feel like I'll always be stuck like this of naturally attracting shy guys but then they'd most likely breakup with me saying I deserve better than a
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shy/insecure guy.

With my personality, I used to be shy in public school, but gained this somewhat outgoing personality starting in college. I'm also a very friendly and warm person to where no one will ever see me with a bad attitude.

But why do I always attract shy guys that would probably just breakup with me just like my 1st boyfriend did? Again I'm at least happy I don't attract jerks.
Why do I attract shy/insecure guys?
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